Monday, April 4, 2011

My Invention (DON'T STEAL)

Okay, I just thought of a awesome toy. The AI Family Simulator or, Family Sim. Not a video game...
This toy, the Family Sim, will be the best toy in the universe. I am still writing plans, and some sketches. But Family Sim is totally in control. LITERALLY! No human touch needed! Check out this game from John Conway. As in the Game of Life by Conway,  it uses a special AI to determine people. This uses some things too.

Unboxing reveals a instruction manual, 5 families, 5 houses, one business, and one grocery store. Each house, business, and grocery store, are buildings about 35 centimeters (I changed to metrics!) tall, and people are 30 centimeters. Each family has one father, one mother, one boy, and one girl. The kids are 20 centimeters tall, and the mother is 30 centimeters, and so on. Each person has a LED face, showing emotions. On their back, they have a LED screen, showing their emotion, name, and data values of hunger, boredom, bladder, and their tiredness. They will act accordingly to them. So if a man from Family 1 needs to go wee-wee, they run to the bathroom in their home, office, or other home. If they are hungry, the check their refrigerator in their kitchen, and eat what they are craving. If there is no food, or they are craving, which has a 20% of happening, they go to the store and buy random items and what their family are craving. But, they have to have money. Men go to the office and work most of the time cycle, which is 20 minutes. Day is 15 minutes, and night is 5 minutes. Men work for 12 minutes, then come home. When they sleep, unopenable ports on their legs open, and the bed shoots a plug into each leg; what is it? It is a charging port. This means they can go on till the end of time. Kids love to go play at others houses, and go to the grocery store. People walk along sidewalks and those little sidewalks that are on the road. People walk along these with special magnetic strips that guide them, or it could be a destination constantly moving. Anyway, there will be special expansion packs, that extend the roads to other places. Since people follow a road, so can the cars and trains in the Transportation expansion pack. A special coupon could be given to someone who buys five expansion packs, expanding their horizon.

Thanks for reading!

Patent Pending (C) 2011.

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