Wednesday, April 20, 2011

120 posts on the wall...120 posts on the wall...put one up, write it down, 121 posts on the wall...

Alright. 121st post! Let's get something interesting going around. How about Hamachi! Nathan and I are going to use it. It makes a VPN network, Virtual Private Network for you non-techies (do we have non-techie friends?). A VPN makes a private network for only people logging on to it with file sharing and stuff. It has a static IP address for stuff like...MINECRAFT! Dad doesn't want me to use OUR IP so we can use Hamachi's IP instead! Super private, with a couple walls of protection for our lovely server. Here is what the hacker has to do:
  1. Find out our server. Some of us may leak it out...
  2. Find out if we are using Hamachi. Once he does.
  3. What IP do we use?
  4. What is the username and password?
  5. Are you sure?
  6. Are you on the whitelist?
  7. And finally, can we ban you?
So, seven walls of protection! Alright, lets get it on!

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