Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things Tal Thinks Are Cool

Stick men, Santa, Computer, pool , Cara, cookies, dogs, Jacob, casino games, coke, ds, game boy, sea-monkeys, grow-a-frogs.

Fun homework!

Hey! I got SOS and tomorrow is ALMOST family fun day, and I'm doing hindi. And I was in a photo shoot! (the bottom one is hindi.)
हे! ई गोट सोस ऎंड टुमॉरो इस अल्मोस्त फमिल्य फुं दय, ऎंड ई'म डींग हिंदी. ऎंड ई वास इन अ फोटो शूट!

Mom disclaimer here...we're NOT doing Hindi. I think Tal found a cool translator online and wanted to try it out. Oh, my!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Your Journal

Want a journal? Tell me and I will give you one!

Mom and I are making a shelf, we made a cake, and I wanted a wii. We did NO HOMEWORK!

Hey forgot the best part! We dug out the old Atari and ordered an adapter on ebay for nine cents. :) For today you should publish your list of things you think are cool.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

A NEW BLOG! (and journal post)

Hi! Tal's here. With a cheating blog!, go on it and cheat! My day was good. Math was EASY!

--How about we made chocolate chip cookies today? And Worship Quest started last night? You could talk about the CSI theme for that. A little more DETAIL would be lovely.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rating the journal.

You hate this blog? Send in a comment about how much you hate this. Yes for (I HATE THIS!) and no for (I love this place!) 5 Yes's and this blog goes 'Bye Bye'. (No doubles! And please do your name!) And 5 No's and this place stays until a month, This thing will start again! ('Feeling Disappointed? I know what you came for.' From the saying from 'Marios Mishaps 2) My day was bad. had to do dumb homework.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Summer 2007 was interesting. It started out with Mom announcing that we were computer-free--yuck. Thankfully, that only lasted three weeks. We bought a journal and came up with ideas of things we wanted to do this summer, and we ended up finishing almost everything.

Here are some of the highlights of the summer:
  • Vacation Bible School
  • SummerSing/JForce
  • Extreme Kidz on Mission
  • Tennis Camp - two weeks
  • Learned to play Piano!
  • Camping two times with Dad (really!)
  • Singin'
  • Fireworks with Dad...including a major show on July 4th
  • Swim lessons--working on my strokes, the fly is my favorite
  • Summer Job! I worked in Marketing for Bond Medical. I had to read Purple Cow. I learned SharePoint and entered Vendor List items.
  • Finished 3rd grade and had our evaluation.
  • Did a TON of science experiments all summer.
  • Played with cousins and friends.
  • Built a clubhouse from a box and had a blast.
  • Went to Chuck E. Cheese with Dad.
  • Made it to the last Series of Unfortunate Events book!

It ended quickly and we didn't get to go to Disney yet. Mom agrees that summer really isn't over until we cross off the last goal of finally setting off our volcano experiment. So maybe I will let the R's help me hide the volcano pieces!

Essay by Tal, with a little encouragement

Zip Zap race

Zip Zap race me in chaval. I will owe you a all season wheel if you win. :)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

I'm required to have a journal for school. Instead of writing one on paper, I'm going to keep it in a blog. So here it is. Tal's Blog.

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