Wednesday, March 30, 2011


BizTown kicks off! Most things go right, but read ahead to see what went wrong in this issue of TAL'S JOURNAL!!!

BizTown kicked off great. Past posts have talked about it, so you should know about it. BizTown placed me in a office, and piled about THREE POUNDS OF PAPERWORK! I pre-ordered my paper so it would be cheap, but it took a full MINUTE for them to pick up! BizTown has gone so-so though, McDonalds food was stale, and every kid was a brat! Mom has a picture of me standing in front of my business. Hold on. "MOM! CAN YOU EMAIL ME IT?" Hold one second.


Looks like we can't get the picture yet, we will hold on. By the way, I didn't get to use my breaks well. EVERY COMPANY HELD ME FOR MY ENTIRE BREAK. I am still going next time, because I made a lot of frie-- What do you mean I can't go next year? Oh yeah. I'm too old. I can go to the summer camp though. Well, nothing much happened other than what I told you. Everything went without incident. Bye!

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