Thursday, April 28, 2011

How odd---Bonus Post!

For those not in the know, I take blogging very seriously. I even put up ads for money. This blog was running for a couple of years and it only got $1.75. However, this is my most popular blog post:

...What? I don't even play Roblox any more! Just Minecraft. So I also wanted to do something along the lines of a contest of sorts. My Minecraft server, uses Hamachi, so you have to download something if you want to play. I am still going to ask for permission from Nathan however, then I will add another slot. Playing is very hard. I WOULD add a Let's Play video of me and Nathan playing, but he does not want anything recording us. Well, remember that redstone engineering post? Second place. Wow.

To enter the contest, just comment! It's that easy!

Anyways, no computer.

I didn't get to work on Second Class because I was side-tracked on my computer. My family took away my computer time until I get it done. I can only do blogging, homework, Second Class stuff-muffins, and Physics. Huuuuge book of Physics. I need to do 10 pages a DAY. To tell the truth? I never really get around to doing it. I don't know why.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's see..... No TOOD today? Gosh.

I don't really have an obsession today. I don't know what to do today. I don't have baseball practice ATM, we can talk about that. I don't really like some members on my team, but one kid got into Intensive Care and we canceled Baseball. However...

The other hand, however, is that I got a new Minecraft skin! Skins change your characters' look by the way. Nazis are interesting, so I picked Adolf Hitler. I don't know why. I also switch from that to a smiling yellow guy in a suit.

Nathan and I are racking up a good roll here. Once I call him, I might do a contest of sorts to give you a player slot in the game.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

120 posts on the wall...120 posts on the wall...put one up, write it down, 121 posts on the wall...

Alright. 121st post! Let's get something interesting going around. How about Hamachi! Nathan and I are going to use it. It makes a VPN network, Virtual Private Network for you non-techies (do we have non-techie friends?). A VPN makes a private network for only people logging on to it with file sharing and stuff. It has a static IP address for stuff like...MINECRAFT! Dad doesn't want me to use OUR IP so we can use Hamachi's IP instead! Super private, with a couple walls of protection for our lovely server. Here is what the hacker has to do:
  1. Find out our server. Some of us may leak it out...
  2. Find out if we are using Hamachi. Once he does.
  3. What IP do we use?
  4. What is the username and password?
  5. Are you sure?
  6. Are you on the whitelist?
  7. And finally, can we ban you?
So, seven walls of protection! Alright, lets get it on!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New game playing...and a tragedy.

Okay, NEW GAME! Ace of Spades. Its a game based off of Minecraft. Except it is a war between Green and Blue. GO GREEN! Anyways, it basically is a copy of Minecraft, but its cool.

And a game called Portal 2 came out, wanted to pre-order but Dad was too tired, and said the game would open up at 11:00 AM, but I told him a million times the game pack, the Potato Sack, has a special attribute. You see, the more people buy the Sack, the quicker Portal 2 comes out. It was released at 12:00 AM, not 11:00 AM. Why is this so important, you ask, it comes with a discount and the original Portal for free. Instead of the price for both in a pack at $45, its now, if you buy both, at $60. Ouch.

Anyways, homework is coming along great. Almost finished, then SUMMER! And babie. Yay.

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Invention (DON'T STEAL)

Okay, I just thought of a awesome toy. The AI Family Simulator or, Family Sim. Not a video game...

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