Thursday, December 9, 2010

I worked on a pulley for our ladder...meh.

Not too much of an achievement, but mom thinks so. I only tied a basked to the ladder so when I need ornaments to put on the tree, my little brothers can just fill it up and I can bring it to the ladder. Mom really thinks this is an achievement, but, meh. Look at my previous post for more excitement.

-Used Blog Press on mah mom's iPad. :3

I'm 'digging' a new indie game!

Okay, pun intended. The game is called Minecraft. Minecraft is a new game that has you 'digging' for more!

You wake up on a strange need to make a shelter before nightfall. Tearing apart the blocks that make up the beautiful landscape, you gain a clone of it. You see, EVERYTHING is a block. Even you.

You quickly make a shelter, shabby, but it will do. Bored to death, you venture out crafting pickaxes and such and MINE. It gains minerals to craft more things.

But, as you dig deeper and deeper into the earth, you start to realize,


Hiding in your shelter zombies groan and skeletons fire their arrows into your walls. Spiders jump all over your base while silent Creepers explode your walls to pieces.

The question is, can you survive this incredible indie game?

I may be able to help you though. I am making a small video training newbies to masters of all the land. If you want to check out a story while you wait; google 'Diary of a Creeper'.

As BlogPress is really crudy, I will edit this today when I get back.

Keep on Minin'.

-Used Blog Press on mah mom's iPad. :3

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