Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was in the wii room while it was being cleaned out for a office, I found a book on Lucid Dreaming. If you DON'T know what it is, read on. If you DO. Go to next paragraph for help. Lucid Dreaming is a dream, but you know your dreaming. So you can do anything in your own world. Some people are born with this talent, most aren't. But if you DO want to Lucid Dream, you can train so you can do it.

How to Lucid Dream:
REMEMBER THE DREAM! It is needed so you can take place in your fav dreams. Also keep a dream journal. It also helps provoke Lucid Dreaming.

Take place in the dream. Think about the dream, push EVERYTHING ELSE OUT! Also helps Lucid Dreaming

I do NOT have full help on this, but go to

Remember, this is automatic for young kids so if they see a 'monster' and screaming and thrashing, well, you know what they have. Oh and there is possible to have, in adult life too, to be chased by a scary man or seeing something scary. You have three options: (chasing).1: Keep running for dear life! .2: Change the scary thing into something funny or not scary. (chasing).3: This may be suicidal. But stand still and make that scary man let him/her/that thing just ram into ya!
2 and 3 is the right choices.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My day w/ mom

We went to Supertarget to get a coffee and some food. and then we went to wiregrass, first we went to a clothes store *groan* and then pottery barn (we got some samples! *yum yum*) and went to Cozi (a restaurant), where we did some sample reports as homework *double groan*. And then the mall where we got some ice cream *DOUBLE YUM*. And then we went home.

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