Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Podcast!

This is the link to the podcast, first time posting it. Find it!

THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING! I fixed the StatCounter and here is our visits:

Thank you!


The TOOD Podcast is up and running! Check it out and vote if I did great with it. TOOD is: Podcast! :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

TrackMania ROCKS!

I couldn't find out what to do today, other than the fact I would like to spend my day playing Bloons 2, an awesome puzzle game. So, I found a cool racing game called TrackMania. TrackMania is really cool. You have to race, but there is just this thing about it that makes it cool. You can make tracks, Awesome. You can do tricks, Awesome. But it is just so cool in a way that makes it special. Maybe its the danger involved in the tracks the force you to fall off you go slower than your reckless opponents. You can have 'ghosts' of yourself which is often in games, in where you race a track, and it makes a transparent version of yourself racing EXACTLY the way you raced. You can race your ghost and find out what you did wrong and update your ghost, which can be raced against by your friends. You can play your tracks you made on actual servers with other people, and I made 2 tracks in an hour! Its very easy, but the only flip-side of it is that there is an subscription, which is cheap and has a unlimited one for $40. Download TrackMania Nations Forever and search for talbond. That is my user. This is mah tood!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brock Gill ROCKS!

Brock Gill
Last night, me and the whole Middle School and High School ministry at church kicked out the parents in the Worship Center and watched a famous illusionist, Brock Gill, do tricks. He made 3 ping-pong balls vanish and rode on a motorcycle BLINDFOLDED COMPLETELY! No crashing, thank The Lord. I almost forgot about a random awesome picture of the day, I'll do one of the Christian Brock Gill:
Anyways, it was awesome, but the shop full of Brock goodies were OVERPRICED! Here's my receipt:
All of Brock Gill's videos: $30 (for 4! $15 apiece! O: )
A poster: $3
A pack of cards Brock Gill uses: $10
Grand Total: $43

My wallet is now a fly factory. Anyways, my TOOD will be Parkour. Parkour (or Le Parkour) is where you get from Point A to Point B in the quickest amount of time. Sure, you already do that when you drive from home to the office an hour late, but I'm talking about ON FOOT. Let me explain:

Passement, or a form of Parkour.
Lets say Tal is a traceur, who is someone who practices the art of Parkour. Tal needs to get around a rock to home or in a race. Tal can take the stairs, or vault over the rock. Tal chooses the latter. You are supposed to also vault from building to building or falling off a high place with little or no injury.

Parkour is also for kids, so it may be a good idea to get a kid involved. Self-confidence is gained along with leadership abilities for some odd reason. This is a very good idea, but is not a competitive sport. It is also good for the mind as well.

In the comments, either post as if you would like to be a illusionist, or where you would practice the art of Parkour.

UPDATE: 2.0.0, fixed the chat box!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mez wantz a Roblox KAR!

 I was wound up at GPS, a presentation at church in some of the past years. Anyways, I have been making cars on Roblox, check it out! Go to my roblox page, then look for 'TalLabs!'. That should be in there. I really like making cars in it. In there you will find the lousiest car ever. I made it like that. Its supposed to. Its one of those $300 cars you buy for kids and they go 1 MPH. Mine goes 7 Studs per Second. SLOW. Turn speed is 5 studs a second. It is lame. It has the Boidsie label because I work for that company in Roblox. Pretty cool huh?

In the comments, post about your dream car, or post about a car you would make!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random awesome pictured of the day:

SOOOO CUTE! The dog I mean. Anyways, I promise I'll get on that podcast (TOOD) and at least start on it. I'll need some help and constructive criticism to make the TOOD Podcast happen! Also, I verified that the Stat Counter would work, we hit a milestone of 1,500 page loads and almost 1,000 people reading! Thanks for everything!

In the comments, if you owned a radio station, what would it be?
-Used Blog Press on mah mom's iPad. :3

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just posting out of the blue...

If any of you play Roblox, I need your help to help build my Scouting place! Just wanted to let you know.

I'm getting kinda lazy.

But I really wanted, DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

A Debit Card!

Really. Really. A Mango Pre-Paid Debit Card.

It's really cool, you just get the card and a parent puts money on it for you! Really cool. Nothing else to say about it except its a Master Card company card. Also, I updated the blog!

Stat Counter fixed.

Hope you would just come on down and play some video games!

In the comments, what animal would you be?

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