Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can't think of another title. :(

VIDEO GAMES!!!! YAY! (This is my fallback position if I can't think of another TOOD)

First up on the list: Battlefield Bad Company 2! This game is AWESOME! Destruction 2.0 may be the best game add in EVA! To test out this theory of Destruction, I enlisted Me, I, and guest staring Myself! We used the grenadier attachment on my default gun, it blew up parts of walls and eventually crumbled after the last bit bit the dust. Supposedly everyone touching it and standing on top of it will DIE. Also another awesome add in is the ability to DRIVE VEHICLES! To test this theory, the team shot two Russians off their ATV. We were able to jump in, and killed ourselves within 20 seconds. If playing, and want to figure out what to drive, here's the simple tip:

If you can see the vehicle (boat, car, or plane), then you can DRIVE IT!

Great game to play, buy it! Its fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tal's TOOD Today!

Yesterday it was Animal Crossing, which is a game where it places you as a human living in a new house with animals for neighbors! In this game, instead of shooting zombies or fighting weird karate have to pay a bill for your new house though. It is easy to do that. You can fish or catch bugs and sell them to your proprietor and the towns’ only shopkeeper, Tom Nook. Tom Nook is a raccoon by the way. He will renovate your house, if you pay off the bills and pay a new fee for the house. You do not have to pay it off though, but you can not renovate until you do so. Also, he is glad to let you work at his shack (which is his store) to pay off some bills. That’s all I can say, and if you buy the Wii version, please drop me a line! We could go to each other’s towns and do some trading and stuff.

Today’s TOOD, Mmmmm. I remembercharacters, you do life all over again. Without the screaming kids and bills and stuff like that. You do ! I took a shower at the gym today! :3

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My TOOD of the day is...

Surfing! I would really like to go surfing someday. It seems fun don't you think? Also, I looked online for online business making for kids. I have one part going which is my blog, I talk about the stuff I like (Like surfing) and a related ad comes up. You click it and there you go! I get some money and at every $100 I get I get a check in the mail. I didn't get one yet though. I only have 2 bucks in there...

Anyways, I would really like some ideas for making online business! Thanks!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


TOOD is Tal's Obession Of the Day. Mom forced me to do this because I get intrested into stuff every day. I have nothing to say about today (rather than the R's won't learn the Pledge of Alliegence). Rather, I will tell you my TOOD...

The Tetris Gameboy Theme Song, or in Russia, Korobeiniki!

This is the awesome song for Tetris! To avoid plagrism, the info where the song was played is on the Youtubers' page. This AWESOME song can also be found on the offical website,! Thanks for reading!

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