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Monday, November 11, 2013

My blog is a bit cringey isn't it?

Yeah, it is. I don't even know why I still have this blog up. I rarely use it anyways. I guess I could do a weekly thing, but Tumblr is looking better for use. What do you guys think?

...Yeah, it's a short post. But I don't have anything going for me right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some inspiriation.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hai guys! I'm hosting a party for my Boy Scout buddies to play video games tomorrow, cuz it's my birthday! An hour before, I'll set up my old TalkShoe account to work with YouTube livestreaming and answer questions! Maybe a friend will get to talk too! This stupid iPad is keeping me from writing coherent sentences, so I'll go to bed and wait till my birthday! Follow my Facebook and Twitter!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Advertising, bank accounts, money, oh my!

So apparently, Google is awesome. They made AdSense back when I first started this here blog, and now I can advertise products. Such as the old Sea Monkey posts I have made, I can do this.
Monkey Sea Monkey Doo cap (Google Affiliate Ad)

Well, it doesn't work perfectly, and the cap is no way connected to Sea Monkeys (OR IS IT), but it's cool. What about Segways?
Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Winter Sports Bundle - We Ski Silicone Cases Mat and More (Google Affiliate Ad)

Believe it or not, that came up. What about one of my birthdays where I got those roller blades?
Bravo Sports Loyal Inline Skates (Google Affiliate Ad)

Images aren't working, but someday they'll fix it, hopefully.

Make sure to click on my ads, those help me earn money! Speaking of which, if I get eighteen more dollars I get a bank account, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click on the ads. This will help fuel my new pony addiction (which you should know about if you are a true Tal fan (Also, the Tal fandom thing freaked me out a bit, I do not like or endorse any fandom (other than the should-be famous Brony fandom), but I'll sign autographs, if that is what you are into)). Can't wait to get the new Reddit /r/mylittlepony coat of arms shirt!
My Little Pony Friendship Express Train Set By Hasbro (Google Affiliate Ad)

sigh..... maybe someday they'll fix this wretched advertising thing.

Guess what? Going back to my roots!

A long time ago I started this very blog, now I moved it to WordPress. I'm going back to Blogger because its much easier to deal with, and no subscriptions to deal with. Expect my obsession of the day posts to make a come back!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicken Potty Training...and other stuff...hopefully.

Alright, as the title states, you may be confused. My mom's friend, let's call her Laura. Now Laura here called our house, and I picked up the phone. She, asked me this:

Tal: Bond Residence, Tal Bond speaking.
Laura: Hey Tal, do you know how to potty train a chicken?
Tal: What?
Laura: Potty train a chicken.
Tal: Is this a prank call?
Laura: No, I am dead serious.
Tal: Hold on, looking up on Google.
Tal: (I told her how to do stuff with the chicken. Here's a link to the website for training chickens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIoXhNcMgi0&feature=related)


See ya next time!


P.S: I may try Minecraft LP's again! ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


My TOOD is Segways. They're awesome. I really want one really badly. If you don't know, these are awesome little scooters with oversized wheels. Here's a picture:


These are AWESOME. You lean forward to go forward, back to go back. The handlebars turn.

Price tag? $5,000. I really want that kind of money.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I loved going to church yesterday! It was great! If I may, I can leak some info out from the Bullpen...

The Loft Card is making a comeback!

The Loft Card was a card given to new members for a free soda and candy bar. We are still thinking about letting the Card come back, but its almost a sure fire fact! As soon as I can edit it however (we don't sell soda anymore).

Anyways, I really hope to play 9 Squares again. That was AWESOME! By command of Tal Bond, go bug Andrew Evans right now.

And as of today...

BASEBALL! Rays VS Royals.

We win! 4-1 runs! :D  It was awesome.

TOOD: Baseball.

Random Question: What was the biggest highlight of summer? Post in the comments!

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