Saturday, August 13, 2011


My TOOD is Segways. They're awesome. I really want one really badly. If you don't know, these are awesome little scooters with oversized wheels. Here's a picture:


These are AWESOME. You lean forward to go forward, back to go back. The handlebars turn.

Price tag? $5,000. I really want that kind of money.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I loved going to church yesterday! It was great! If I may, I can leak some info out from the Bullpen...

The Loft Card is making a comeback!

The Loft Card was a card given to new members for a free soda and candy bar. We are still thinking about letting the Card come back, but its almost a sure fire fact! As soon as I can edit it however (we don't sell soda anymore).

Anyways, I really hope to play 9 Squares again. That was AWESOME! By command of Tal Bond, go bug Andrew Evans right now.

And as of today...

BASEBALL! Rays VS Royals.

We win! 4-1 runs! :D  It was awesome.

TOOD: Baseball.

Random Question: What was the biggest highlight of summer? Post in the comments!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kindle Time!

I bought my Kindle. I am going to detail the car today for $5 so I can get overnight shipping.


Also, if you haven't heard, Nathan is undergoing surgery right now. He has a caved-in chest, and they're going to put steel rods into his chest to push it out.

It used to be worse, back then, they had to cut up your chest, and use their hands to push it up. Painful.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I want it NOW!

I have $95 and I want,

  • Bloggie Camera
  • Kindle
  • DSi

Now. I almost scraped enough money for my Kindle! I could use some money...*hint hint*

Yes, I am working for it. No, I will not share.

Tweet! Tweet!

That's right folks! I have a twitter profile! I had it for a while, but I am releasing it to the public!

Follow me!


Anyways, I'll finally get to go to my first Boy Scout meeting of the year! I'm so excited. :3

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