Friday, January 21, 2011

Minecraft Redstone Engineering!

My TOOD is Redstone, a wiring used in Minecraft. Here are some pictures:

Redstone Silent Alarm
Notice how the pressure plate activates the light.
Pulling one of the levers close the doors and turn on the lights. 

 Don't worry, I will get a demonstration up and running!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Okay! Fixed homework. Mixed Blessing!

Well, I conquered my fear of calling support (I just get scared.) and tryed to fix SOS, my homework. It's working pretty fine.

Minecraft came with a update an hour ago! Music blocks and coloured wool and 'dispensers' that shoot snowballs, eggs, or ARROWS OF DOOM. Best update since Halloween! I can't think of anything BUT Minecraft, for some reason. For Mom: Hope you feel better!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Okay, AMEX made Pass, a reloadable card...blah blah blah. GIVE THE CARD.
Anyways, I got back on Facebook! YAY! I still like Twitter more though...

How did you like my Minecraft tutorial? That shows I am into it, and I promised to finish it by deadline. Anyways, going to go to church. They have STARBUCX. Yay. And I have Student Leadership meeting tonite. Student Leadership (SL) is a program where kids can sign up to be a supervisor or whatever. Not many kids sign up though. I do the checking in and stuff and what not. It's FREE, except you have to buy a shirt ($10) on the first night and wear it every week. It's nice, but if you ask why I am not doing Tech, it's because the guy there (they have teachers for some catergories) underestimated me, didn't like what I did, thought I wouldn't know what to do, and basically acted like I had the IQ of a rock. He also acted like I was going to screw up. Sorry, but I am takin' my money else where.

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's here! My Minecraft Tutorial!

Filled with snapshots (wasn't ready for video), this post gives you the most fun on your $30 of Minecraft!

I wake up on this island, GREAT VIEW BTW. But I am practically naked. So lets go find a-
 TREE! Score! This will give us lots of wood for future building!
 Hold down the left mouse button to punch the tree. YES. Punching trees dosen't hurt you, but this is a little time-consuming.
 Sheep! BAAA! Punch these critters to get wool.
 This is a great mountain!
 On the side of the mountain, I dig a hole for my house. If you are great at building, try making a three block tall house out of dirt.
 Hit I to go into your inventory. I AM SO CUTE. Notice the crafting box...
 Place the useless logs to make planks! Click the plank a million times to get some.
 This box is too tiny. Lets fill up the crafting box with planks to make a workbench!
 Place your stuff neatly. AND I MEAN IT.
 Plunk it down with the right mouse button
 Right mouse it again to get a bigger crafting box! Yay! Lets make some sticks to celebrate.
 Lets make a pickaxe. Make the shape of the pickaxe to make it.
Also do remember that if a craft is only two items long and wide at most, you can do it in Tiny Inventory.
 But I almost forgot to dismantle my workbench. This turns it back into mini size so I can pick it up.

 Lets get some coal. There seems to be some up there!
 YES! This is it! Coal! Mine it NAO.

 Piggys are friends. So lets friend it and lead it to a great and happ--
 DIE PIGGY! Unfortunately, Blogger did not let me upload the picture of Piggy's death. Besides, Piggy didn't drop any bacon.
 This is me making my house bigger.
 Darn, pickaxe broke. This happens when you use it constantly.
 Remember that coal? Make torches in your inventory or the bench. Now place it everywhere where there is dark.
 Pretty house!
 Okay, I made a STONE pickaxe. You get cobblestone (the broken stone) and make a pickaxe out of that instead of wood. This has more health, and makes mining more faster. Also, we can mine more precious materials.
 "Honey! Dinners done!" This is a furnace.
So we can cook stuff. Wood and coal work best for fuel. Fuel is at bottom, food at top.
I just noticed that our front door is wide open. So we made a door.

Remember to put it on the outside of your house.
Oh no, it's getting dark! Monsters like zombies and skeletons want to kill you as they spawn in the dark. That is why we put torches. Creepers blow you up and skeletons shoot you. So lets get inside.

That is how you win. Well, you CAN'T win. But it helped you. Admit it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boy Scouts and Camp!

Well, I have Scouts tonight, and Mom said I can go to camp! Not camp outs, but a special camp of fun. Well, one problem:

I have to buy THREE TROOP T-SHIRTS AT $12 EACH! Just of some dumb bulk order. Then, with $36 out of my pocket, I also can apply for CAMP. FOR $35! Plus, I HAVE TO BUY THE SHIRTS or I will be kicked out.

On the flip side, I got Nathan $15 for Christmas, and now he has enough to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops. Sweet. So we may be able to shoot each other into oblivion, even with a lighter wallet.

Sorry for the negative review, but I needed to get it (and a chore) off my back today. I WILL make up for it by making a Minecraft tutorial coming January 8, 2011!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Minecraft Madness!

Pretty much my TOOD. Last night I had a TOOD, but then I forgot. Dang. Well anyways, I was going to make a walk through and such, but I don't have time for that right now. I am going to play Minecraft some more, which is COMPLETELY AWESOME. I haven't shown you a picture yet, so, here you go:

Mr Steve, the Default Skin
 This is the Default Skin in Classic mode, which is free. Minecraft Alpha went up to Beta, and doubled in price. But it is still not the full price, so buy now!

So yeah, that looks cool and all, but is it PRACTICALLY FUN? Yes. IS IT CREATIVE? Yes. IS IT FREE? No and Yes. Buy.

In my last Minecraft blog post, I tell you what it is. In this one, I am so hyped up on this new update stuff.

Anyways, I found out my TOOD, not the one from last night though. In Minecraft, you do this to make matches:

That black rock is COAL. I would like to go out with Dad and get some coal to light up. So that is my TOOD.

And the best thing is, Minecraft makes everything realistic. AND SIMPLE!
Logs come from trees. You punch log. You get log. Craft log. You get planks. Make workbench. Make sticks. Make pickaxe. Make super-hyper-awesome-ultra-deluxe-castle with a lava moat. Yeah. Thats how it works.

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