Monday, October 22, 2007

Book Reports!

Send in your book report now! My book report was Harry Potter. My brother had his birthday on a sunday and got cool stuff! My homework was hard and 9 more days till holloween! Go on for hollween stuff!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The difference between Florida and the deserts is Florida has more water, plants, and people. And Cara, Davis, and I helped the envoerment without knowing!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things To Do: Wednesday, October 17

Can you believe it is mid-October??? Here is your list for today:
  1. Morning Chores
  2. Day Chores
  3. Math - Pages 9-15
  4. History - Pages 4 - 14 (Deserts!)
  5. Bible - Your fabulous mum fixed your quizzes, so you need to catch up 2 quizzes + 2 lessons...READ S.L.O.W.L.Y!!!
  6. Science - 3 lessons on environment (bleh) and a little more if you can finish it up
  7. Journal entry for today: What is different between Florida and the Desert?
  8. Read a bit o'Harry Potter - can you finish Book 4 today?
  9. Update your Journal page with your latest books that you've read
  10. Be sweet to brothers and Miss Judy
  11. Call me if you have questions on your homework (no excuses!!!)
  12. Think of fun ways to celebrate Riley's birthday (is it only four days away???)

Get all your work finished early so you can play!



Cara, Davis, and I are making a fort out of leafs, wood (sticks), and rocks. And I did my homework fast. And my swim lessons are canceled.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's to-um + to-um

Forum of course! I have a NEW forum. Mods : gramma6boys to stinkerpot. (Please send in to be one. And be one of the 10 first people that comment on the fourm or this blog.) Admins : Talbond, Bondgirl. Happy Hunting! P.S. : If you like the fourm on your site. Put the code :">Forum

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Swimming and Homework

I did beast stroke, back stroke, freestyle, fly, and butterfly. Riley did really well on swimming. Regan can swim too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tal's To-Do List: Wednesday, October 11

Good Morning, Stinkerpot!

Today is your fun project day, so get your homework and chores finished early!
  1. Morning chores.
  2. Day chores.
  3. Be sweet to brothers and Miss Judy.
  4. SOS Science - Three sections.
  5. SOS Bible - Three sections.
  6. Typing - Practice!
  8. Blog. Write in your journal about the swim strokes you learned this year.
  9. No computer games until your homework and chores are finished (just a friendly reminder).
  10. And now...the moment you've been waiting for...The Disney Blog Project! Details Below. Do not start this until all of the above is complete, including your journal!!!

The Disney Blog Project!

My friends and I were very close at Disney. We spent a LOT of time together, and Mason's mom was even in my wedding. Miss Sandy took care of your birthday arrangements last year. We've had a few reunions (I missed the last one because it was the week before Reagan was born). We've lost touch with a few people, but realized that some people kept in touch with some, others with others, so if some of us got together, we could know what is up with most of the old gang. I know that one of our friends got a brain tumor and died, but my friend Patti keeps in touch with his wife. There are a lot of neat people in the group.

That said, here are the directions. The site is I added you as an Administrator, so you can log in from your Dashboard. I have done nothing else with it. Here are the things that need to happen:

  1. Add Danielle, Patti, Heather, and Sandy as Administrators. (Is there another way to let people create posts besides setting them as Administrators?) They need to be able to create posts, not just comment. I'll email you their addresses.
  2. Create a sidebar for a contact list of names. We'll have to think of the names.
  3. I'm email you two funny pictures you can use.
  4. Create a new template. See if you can find something not in the standard templates--maybe online? We need it to look very, very Disney-like. We definitely need Mickey clip-art and stuff. Be creative! Use those marketing genes!
  5. You can use the StatCounter thing if you want.
  6. Go to and do a search for Disney. There are a couple, like the fine arts one, that would be great for this site.

Call me if you have questions. Have fun...I love you!

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