Monday, March 21, 2011


YES! I went to the camp-out, excuse me, camporee. A camporee is where a bunch of troops camp together.

All the troops were foul-mouthed, and I played British Bulldogs with one troop. Ever play Sharks and Minnows? This is a super-drugged version. Instead of tagging, you have to pick them UP IN THE AIR and yell, 'THREE TWO ONE BRITISH BULLDOGS!' then throw them on the ground. Ow. I was trying to pick Eli, a friend, up in the air with another kid, then a guy came around and threw my head into the kid's head. Guess what the kid said? 'F***!' I have a huge bump still. It was pretty fun, and I used a new thing in my blog. Remember you saw the first sentence or two and had to click read more? That is a jump break. If you wanted to look at my posts and just skim through till you saw something interesting without spoiling it, the breaks do great.

TOOD? Aviation. I can fly right now!

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