Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steamy Steam!

Steam, is my favorite gaming platform. It is used with games you buy over the Internet and download, plus retail. Here's how it works:

Tal buys a copy of Team Fortress 2 at GameStop. Tal then installed it, then his Steam went crazy. It then recorded the purchase, then went away.

Later, Tal went to North Carolina. Tal brought his laptop and was blogging when he wanted to play Team Fortress 2. He looks in his suitcase. No game. Tal cries for an hour then goes to check his Steam. He checks his game library, then he sees Team Fortress 2. There is a install button.

Installing a game you already bought is free. Just log in.

After getting Plants VS. Zombies Game of the Year Edition for only $10 BUCKS. I made a Zombatar (Zombie Avatar) and saw that it changed the Flag Zombie. The Flag Zombie now looks like a zombified version of yours truly. Wanna see?
My Zombatar is a Flag Zombie!

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