Monday, February 21, 2011 may, just may, freak out.

Can you guess? CLOSE YOUR EYES. Think... Open now. Did you guess? I took up... SKETCHING. Yes. Oh yeah. As soon as I find my sketch book I will show you a sneak peek at my new comic...


Not the best name, now don't back me up on it. I want it to be pointing fingers at idioms in real life and video game like. Once my comics are released, you will see that I am the only one with hair. This is a symbol to show my overgrown blond hair.

Until then, we will talk Minecraft.*

Minecraft is way too awesome to handle, unless you buy the game. You should try. I lost my save file in a horrible mod crash, and made a new one. I have a new computer, so I will move it and try to make lets plays and such.

Till later!

*I love this game, and, my stats have shot up, so this is part of a experiment.

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