Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Minecraft Madness!

Pretty much my TOOD. Last night I had a TOOD, but then I forgot. Dang. Well anyways, I was going to make a walk through and such, but I don't have time for that right now. I am going to play Minecraft some more, which is COMPLETELY AWESOME. I haven't shown you a picture yet, so, here you go:

Mr Steve, the Default Skin
 This is the Default Skin in Classic mode, which is free. Minecraft Alpha went up to Beta, and doubled in price. But it is still not the full price, so buy now!

So yeah, that looks cool and all, but is it PRACTICALLY FUN? Yes. IS IT CREATIVE? Yes. IS IT FREE? No and Yes. Buy.

In my last Minecraft blog post, I tell you what it is. In this one, I am so hyped up on this new update stuff.

Anyways, I found out my TOOD, not the one from last night though. In Minecraft, you do this to make matches:

That black rock is COAL. I would like to go out with Dad and get some coal to light up. So that is my TOOD.

And the best thing is, Minecraft makes everything realistic. AND SIMPLE!
Logs come from trees. You punch log. You get log. Craft log. You get planks. Make workbench. Make sticks. Make pickaxe. Make super-hyper-awesome-ultra-deluxe-castle with a lava moat. Yeah. Thats how it works.

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