Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Okay, AMEX made Pass, a reloadable card...blah blah blah. GIVE THE CARD.
Anyways, I got back on Facebook! YAY! I still like Twitter more though...

How did you like my Minecraft tutorial? That shows I am into it, and I promised to finish it by deadline. Anyways, going to go to church. They have STARBUCX. Yay. And I have Student Leadership meeting tonite. Student Leadership (SL) is a program where kids can sign up to be a supervisor or whatever. Not many kids sign up though. I do the checking in and stuff and what not. It's FREE, except you have to buy a shirt ($10) on the first night and wear it every week. It's nice, but if you ask why I am not doing Tech, it's because the guy there (they have teachers for some catergories) underestimated me, didn't like what I did, thought I wouldn't know what to do, and basically acted like I had the IQ of a rock. He also acted like I was going to screw up. Sorry, but I am takin' my money else where.

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