Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boy Scouts and Camp!

Well, I have Scouts tonight, and Mom said I can go to camp! Not camp outs, but a special camp of fun. Well, one problem:

I have to buy THREE TROOP T-SHIRTS AT $12 EACH! Just of some dumb bulk order. Then, with $36 out of my pocket, I also can apply for CAMP. FOR $35! Plus, I HAVE TO BUY THE SHIRTS or I will be kicked out.

On the flip side, I got Nathan $15 for Christmas, and now he has enough to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops. Sweet. So we may be able to shoot each other into oblivion, even with a lighter wallet.

Sorry for the negative review, but I needed to get it (and a chore) off my back today. I WILL make up for it by making a Minecraft tutorial coming January 8, 2011!

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