Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things To Do: Wednesday, October 17

Can you believe it is mid-October??? Here is your list for today:
  1. Morning Chores
  2. Day Chores
  3. Math - Pages 9-15
  4. History - Pages 4 - 14 (Deserts!)
  5. Bible - Your fabulous mum fixed your quizzes, so you need to catch up 2 quizzes + 2 lessons...READ S.L.O.W.L.Y!!!
  6. Science - 3 lessons on environment (bleh) and a little more if you can finish it up
  7. Journal entry for today: What is different between Florida and the Desert?
  8. Read a bit o'Harry Potter - can you finish Book 4 today?
  9. Update your Journal page with your latest books that you've read
  10. Be sweet to brothers and Miss Judy
  11. Call me if you have questions on your homework (no excuses!!!)
  12. Think of fun ways to celebrate Riley's birthday (is it only four days away???)

Get all your work finished early so you can play!


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