Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kindle Time!

I bought my Kindle. I am going to detail the car today for $5 so I can get overnight shipping.


Also, if you haven't heard, Nathan is undergoing surgery right now. He has a caved-in chest, and they're going to put steel rods into his chest to push it out.

It used to be worse, back then, they had to cut up your chest, and use their hands to push it up. Painful.

2 comments: said...

I just prayed for Nathan! Thanks for reminding me! Glad to know you are praying too!

Wow! a Kindle! That's great! Now you can read any time, any where, but I guess you will need to do more jobs to earn the money for all the books you will be downloading! It'll be worth it, though - How fun!

Your gramma loves you tons!!

P.S. Thought I posted a comment before this but have no idea where it went!

talbond said...

Thank you for posting! I am earning a little more so I don't get Kindle with Ads in it.

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