Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Josuha...no...Josuha...nope..Joshua? Yes! Joshua Awward! AH DANG IT!

Alright. I won a little prize I call...


Applause. Yes. It is the highest award at IBCREC. That's our church recreational stuff. I think you get it for being a leader and positive. I was the only one. Easy win! And here is IBC's answer.
8. Awards.  An Awards Night will be held, usually the Monday before the final game -- check the Registration form for actual dates.   At this time all of our participants will receive a certificate and trophy for their participation.  In addition, one person from each team will receive our Joshua Award for displaying consistant effort, sportsmanship, leadership and improvement with a Christ-like attitude.


Anyways, that contest? The Minecraft Slot Contest I promised? Nathan gave Thumbs Up. Yes. The Thumbs Up. Not the thumbs up. The Thumbs Up. You have to be under 15 however.

Use this Application to enter:
Do you play Minecraft:
If yes, what is your username:
What is your role in Minecraft:

Not doing the name thing, your profile should be enough. You can enter your first name if you want to, however.

Okay! You only win if I approve of it and you play Minecraft. Good day!

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