Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mez wantz a Roblox KAR!

 I was wound up at GPS, a presentation at church in some of the past years. Anyways, I have been making cars on Roblox, check it out! Go to my roblox page, then look for 'TalLabs!'. That should be in there. I really like making cars in it. In there you will find the lousiest car ever. I made it like that. Its supposed to. Its one of those $300 cars you buy for kids and they go 1 MPH. Mine goes 7 Studs per Second. SLOW. Turn speed is 5 studs a second. It is lame. It has the Boidsie label because I work for that company in Roblox. Pretty cool huh?

In the comments, post about your dream car, or post about a car you would make!

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