Monday, November 24, 2008

My First Pros & Cons paper: ToonTown :UPDATE: Better Spelling and grammar!

ToonTown (or TT for short) is a online multi player game of what they like to call, fun. You try to stop an invasion of workaholic robots called 'cogs'. The ONLY way to destroy them is to make them... Laugh? That makes the game a bit 6-year-oldish. But maybe your kids might like it. Everyone says it fun. You might be sure it is, but take a looky-looky first.

The pros of this game is that the chat is SUPER SAFE like a laser bolted key 123 lock which is THAT important! Also you get newsletter w/ trading cards when you get the subscription. Plus, NO VIOLENCE! Also there is a type-in-your-own-words thingy which you send a code to your friend (Need subscription), then your friend sends you a code. You BOTH cantalk in your own words to each other. Parents, What ever animal your kid chooses they make a sound instead. e.g: Talbond: Hey gramma. Gramma: Hi tal. Others hear: Talbond:ruff ruff ruff (because I choose a dog with a lump on his head) Gramma: meow meow meow meow. TOTTALY SAFE!

The cons are that it takes a WHOLE LOT OF $$$ out of your wallet! So if your poor, you might be SO POOR after buying. They don't even give a 1 percentage of it to the poor! Last con (I know if I don't like it there are only 2 cons). You WILL forget about TT which WASTES your money!

I feel BADLY about my subscription!!!!

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